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Program Information //

Through 4 Recovery Foundation’s fundraising efforts and assistance from our volunteers in the community, we provide recovery services to incarcerated and/or indigent adult males with a substance use disorder who wish to conquer their addiction and live healthy, successful lives. All residents are provided with a sober living environment in a fully furnished apartment, one-on-one weekly recovery coaching sessions with a Certified Addiction Counselor, mandatory weekly Experiential Therapy group, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group, Life Skills group, Anger Management group, assistance with resume’ and employment search, transportation to and from all mandatory recovery meetings, financial planning assistance, personal accountability monitoring, random urinalysis drug screening and alcohol/ETG testing, medication management and monitoring, communication and compliance with state Probation/ Parole/ Pretrial agencies.


To graduate from the program, all participants must obtain six to twelve months of abstinence, successfully complete all curriculum-based programming, have adequate employment, stable housing and recovery support systems in place.

2023 Goals //


  • Host three community education and awareness forums

  • Support local businesses by providing hard working, motivated individuals that not only benefit themselves but the community at large through service work.



  • Increase addiction treatment and recovery services to 200 indigent males who are committed to breaking the cycle of addiction and becoming self-reliant, responsible, healthy individuals that give back to the community.


Wish List:

  • Monetary donations

  • Passenger van

  • Sponsors for community events

  • Food donations

  • Hygiene products

  • Beds and bedding

  • Sports equipment

  • Golf Cart

  • Mens work boots

  • Durable work gloves

We need your help! Please become a part of improving our community by donating your services, your time and/or your money to the great cause of helping those who suffer from Substance Abuse Disorder and/or Co-occurring Disorders. It is through your voluntary action that we can all make a difference!

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